My name is Tom Leto and I run the Wristocracy out of Austin, TX.

I started off wearing a cheap Timex digital watch (I still wear it to the gym), and that was all the watch world that I knew. Eventually I graduated to a broken $20 watch that I got for $10 from a department store. It was on a leather strap – what a steal!

State of the Collection – 2/2020

A few years ago I discovered mechanical watches, and was happily infatuated with my first – the Vostok Amphibia Scuba Dude. Within two weeks, I had a Seiko Baby Tuna, a Hamilton Khaki Field, and had sold the Amphibia. Thus my watch journey had begun; I haven’t gone a single day without a watch on my wrist since.

I founded the Wristocracy in 2019 to steer folks entering the watch world along the right path. We don’t all have the benefit of a good friend to tell us to avoid that gold Fossil Submariner Homage.

Without a reliable source, we’re all going to make purchase mistakes because let’s face it: it’s tough to know what you’re going to get when you see a blurry watch picture on Amazon or eBay. When you open that watch box, you’ll be shocked at how small and sparkly the watch is. After a dozen iterations of this, you’ll become finely attuned to every half-millimeter of case and NATO strap differential.

My goal with the Wristocracy is to help you avoid mistakes and to make the most informed possible choice.

Every article that I post strives to be the best-researched; to offer a comprehensive brand analysis and insights into the horological significance of each aspect. Teaching and writing is the best form of learning – and I’m constantly fascinated by watches that I want to continue learning forever.

Besides watches, I’m also fascinated by fountain pens and inks, physical fitness and self-improvement, cars, and business and finance.