About Us

My name is Tom and I run the Wristocracy. Thanks for visiting!

I love wearing watches, and I’m always excited to help people pick their next one. When you’re buying a watch, you usually only get a two-dimensional product image to base a multi-hundred dollar purchase off of. From there you cross your fingers and hope that you’re not disappointed when it arrives.

I want to help you understand what the best product is within your search specifications so that you will get a watch that you love.

I’ve been collecting mechanical watches for a few years, and have developed an eye for value and quality. For that reason, I have a strong and open bias towards Japanese watches.

You can check out all the watches I’ve owned in my Instagram, where I post photos of my current and previous collections. IG: @wristocracywatches

You can see from my collection that for me the sweet spot for value and quality is in Japanese watches at the $500 range:

State of the Collection – 2/2020

Thanks for visiting, and best of luck on your watch journey!

Full disclosure – I may get a small revenue if you purchase a watch through the links on this site, which goes towards growing the blog.

If you want to get in touch, send me an email at wristocracywatches@gmail.com – I’d love to hear from you.