Welcome to the Wristocracy.

My name is Tom Leto, and my mission is to help bring a greater understanding of the watch universe to the curious and passersby. Our era is being defined by smart technologies that are squeezing out analog modes of time-telling and broader instrumentation in favor of blanket digital solutions that antagonize individuality and artistic sensibility.

The Wristocracy is a stronghold for navigating the great history and utility of the watches of our forefathers and their modern incarnations; a monument to the types of watches that will outlive you and I, and will carry with them their imbued histories like the ancient memories in our genes.

Does this guy even wear a watch?

Like many a watch fanatic, I have a few “keepers,” and others that I rotate or resell after some wear in an effort to find the perfect watch collection. Here is the latest State of the Collection.