What does Seiko mean in English?

In Japanese, “Seiko” is translated as “exquisite” or “success.”

In Japanese, “Seiko” is written as セイコー. “Exquisite” is written as 精巧, and “success” is written as 成功.

The Japanese watch company Seiko was the company’s official name from 1924 onward. Before that, from 1892-1924, the company was called Seikosha, translating to “House of Exquisite Workmanship,” and written as 精工舎.

How to pronounce “Seiko”

“Seiko” is pronounced as SAY-koh.

You can say it like “mako” but with “say” instead of “may.”

The IPA symbol for the pronunciation is /ˈseɪkoʊ/.

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