Megir Watches Review – Cool Chinese Sports Watches

The usual way that most people hear about Megir watches is that they ask their friend what watch they’re wearing, and this person will utter a foreign name. However, when this friend says “it was only 30 bucks,” your attention is piqued because you thought it was hundreds.

That’s the legacy of Megir watches – not only are they incredibly low-priced for the value they offer, but they look amazing. How is it possible? Through the miracle of Chinese manufacturing.

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Megir Watch Company – Who Makes Them?

Megir timepieces are manufactured by the Megir Watch Company, known as the Shenzhen-Meigeer Watch Company Ltd. of Guangdong. Like many other cheaper-priced watches, they are made in China and exported internationally. Megir is also the parent company of some other brands, including Nakzen (registered in Japan) and Ruimas (registered in Switzerland).

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Guangdong, China

These other brands are different from Megir watches, and serve a customer base who prefers Japanese or Swiss watches over Chinese ones. In essence, they are putting on an image of Swiss and Japanese – produced watches with these brands, although they are still made in China. This is a practice that many companies engage in (such as when a clothing line puts “Paris” or “New York” on their label but is designed in Nevada and manufactured in Thailand).

Best Unique Watch – Megir Square Chronograph

The Megir Square is a great choice for a gentleman looking for a fashionable yet sporty watch to wear with a suit or some jeans. It has elements of danger and style – a most attractive combination for a wrist-admiring passer-by.

The dial has an impressive amount of detailing for the price point. The four hour markers on the perimeter of the dial are vertically offset from the depressed portion of the inner dial, which is a square-shaped octagon with hexagonal screws in the corners to indicate an air of profound geometry and reason. This depressed inner dial is textured with a coarse black finish, and is accentuated by bar indices for the 5-minute marks with a black chrome surrounding.

Inside the octagonal dial is a flat circular dial which contains three subdials for the chronograph functions and the logo in a neat typeface and positioning. The smaller subdials have more detailing on htem – concentric circles and red arrow indicators – a triangular racing-style pointer for the miunutes, and a flame-like red-tipped arrow for the other two. To top it off, it comes with a black or brown stitched leather strap, giving it a much more expensive and sporty feel.

Overall this is an impressive amount of detailing for such an inexpensive watch, and makes it look and feel more luxurious than it is

  • Looks more expensive than it is
  • Surprisingly hefty
  • Easy to read and tell the time
  • Bright luminescence for night-time readability
  • Pretty thick (14mm), so make sure that you want a large wrist presence
  • May be too large for small wrists

Best Sporty Watch – Megir Racing Chronograph

This Megir reverts to a traditional circular case and dial and tones down the fashion elements in favor of a bold and sporty-looking chronograph watch. The leather strap has been replaced to favor a silocone band with red accents, and those accents are echoed in the coloring of the dial (hour markers, seconds hand , and chronograph subdials).

This watch still has an immense amount of detailing for the price, like the texturing of the diual , the raised and indented hour indices, and even the four screws in the corners of the case.

The racing chronograph is an ideal choice for anyone that has a need for speed and doesn’t need to worry about damaging their watch since it’s so affordable. It makes a great work watch that can take a beating or a casual weekend watch. It will attract attention and admiration from on-lookers for sure.

  • Looks much more expensive than it is
  • Performs above expectations
  • Vibrant colors
  • May be a little heavy

Best Dress-Casual Watch – Megir White-Dial Chrono

One of the nicer Megir watches that you can buy- this Panda-style chronograph is guaranteed to get you the most compliments and attention out of any watch in your collection. It has a very eye-catching design that speaks to its style and craftsmanship – from the blue hands on the subdials to the cross-stitched pattern on the lower half of the dial.

You may expect to receive a cheap-feeling or gimmicky watch for the price, but instead you’ll be surprised by how durable (not fragile) it is and how crisp and easy it is to read.

You can wear it dressy or casual, and the brown leather strap with white stitching gives it an aristocratic air that everyone will admire.

  • Very eye-catching
  • Great attention to detail
  • Good-looking leather strap
  • White hands on white background can take a second to read

Best Eye-Catching Watch – Megir Blue-Orange Chronograph

This Megir stands out for its stunning blue-and-orange colorway – from the dial and hands to the stiching on the blue leather strap. It keeps great time, and is easy to read. The detailing on the watch is well-done and will capture and keep your attention throughout the day; from the concentric circles on the blue portion of the dial to the concentric rings on the subdials. Furthermore, the chronograph function is a great tool for measuring elapsed time.

This Megir also has a nice touch with the blue-colored crown and chronograph pushers on the right side of the watch case. The whole arrangement with the 8 flathead screws on the bezel give it a finishing sporty look that looks great dressed up in a suit or dressed down for a casual work watch. For the price, the quality is impeccable and you couldn’t ask for much more.

  • Extremely affordable
  • Lots of digital features
  • Classic and timeless design
  • Poor light display at night

Conclusions on Megir Watches

Megir watches are one of the quality affordable Chinese watches that are making their way throughout the world. They’re a step above brands like Skmei or Smael (which offer the bare essentials in a timekeeping device). You’re spending more than you would on ultra-cheap watches, but you get a great return in aesthetic, quality, and durability. With the slight increase in price point you get a watch that doesn’t look disposable, has a lot of originality, and also makes a great gift.

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